Selling prints

Dear friends,

In a time when artists are battling each other for grants, everyone is competing for jobs and the GFC has hit things pretty hard;  I have decided to sell my original exhibition prints from 2008-2010 in hope of making a bit of $$ to create some new work and pay the rent. These works are from the series’ ; Autonomies; Portraits of the NT Intervention, Homelands; photographing place across Australia, Sajeen/Prisoner; a state imprisoned inside and out, The Sound of Jets; images of overt and hidden violence in Palestine/Israel, The Bottom of the Lake; A village funeral procession in rural Mozambique, Running away from home; portraits of Tanzanian women talking about Female Genital Mutilation, &  I was born; Portraits of Gazan youth.

These images have travelled with me from house to house and I would much rather see them unrolled and up on peoples walls. All of the images below are available for purchase; selling prices are labelled or nearest offer, they are unframed and AS IS (i.e. some pin marks in the corner of the borders).

If there are any other images on my website: that you like that aren’t shown here, I would be more than happy to get them printed for you.

In solidarity,

See: – for the images


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