daily murmurs for my love – two days watching astrolabe bay

astrolabe bay

– over the wall, banana boats move citizens across the bay for 2Kina, maybe 3. on this side, a coffee costs 9kina. it rains, and rains and rains, so heavy the tarps cover the PMV’s taking people from marketplaces bus-stops home to fires electric lights buzzing mosquitos, who once made your grandmummy crazy, cerebial hits the brain like a nightmare. it rains and rains and rains.

– homesick lullaby the lady with red hair states her intentions to make those flooded feel better about their country coming to an disturbing disruption, not once did she imagine her role if she didn’t make PM.

–  its like gated compound essence, salt water chlorine, laps under the breaking skies, grey grey, who cleaned this pool today, yesterday? i think they have a few kids, and a home in the village. up and down. laps.

– relaxing is reserved for high-fliers, politicians, business men, doing business. driven from here to there. watch out sir, it’s dangerous here. have you got a lift? kids play too. and non-high-fliers, a deal made online – a resort amongst poverty. tourism’s low these days, months, years. government is more interested in investing in mining, that’s really what counts for this economy. once drew a civil war. remnants remain.

gillard on aljazeera

– everything you need downtown centretown clothes, radio, phone stores, one store two stores, get everything in one. from china, cheap, lasts not long, left on the road.

–  its afternoon calm, the marketplace’s heat has dropped with the humidity, leftovers wilted, faces smiling, days earnings pocketed, spent on, days earnings… waiting to go home.. chatter and papaya skin trodden in dirt.. the harvest the clean the eat, hand to mouth with some cash in between.

– 3 carrots for 10kina, fresh, eaten before we leave the market, she gives me two “for free”, “thankyou”, abi non – after noon. 10 nuts wrapped in plastic salt left on my lips.


–  “s’cuse me, move your camera round the front” – this is the 5th person to tell me to watch out for my camera, the others said “they can use a knife and cut it from you” – im not wantitng to worry about these things, i shoot from my waste, don’t want the looks.

–  sun drops behind the bay, smoke rises from  fire, fresh fish smells, sweet potato sits waiting for  the next 1kina to be given. the women wave the  smoke away with a banana leaf. perched on the  waterside. ocean, dirt, to mouth. tomorrow i’ll be  waiting.


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