on impending summer disappearance pt.1

we leave no trace in our lover’s bedroom washing pile
cleaned the car and bought plastic storage containers
for muesli, oats, spices, herbs, nuts, beans, flour, oats
the library rolling on wheels to be read under mosquito nets gum leaves ocean salt stuck ants to my shorts singlet lost underpants flickering lights batteries faded long ago, tents heat up at 7am and the outside welcomes your inside eyes glowing computer screens of the year past
oh, two weeks of away for everyone’s own disappearance
what does tomorrow look like
tomorrow the day after the jet plane arrival back on home soils does this year bring/did it pass like leaves that fell last season on the lakeside riverside bedside table?
what did the year bring her or her or him or him or them
she put aside details and fell in love but
that is the
finest detail of them all


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