dar es salaam – charcoal and energy

dar es salaam was a week spent researching, writing, interviewing, photographing people in and out of town about issues around energy use in Tanzania, specifically charcoal – you can read the article here: http://www.ipsnews.net/africa/nota.asp?idnews=49344

household charcoal use

household charcoal use, Tabata Changombe

Tabata Changombe, dar es salaam

charcoal retailers Tabata hood

“Environmentally, charcoal use has a severe impact, accounting for a large part of deforestation in developing countries. According to the Tanzanian Traditional Energy and Development Organisation, TaTEDO, some 300 hectares of forest are cleared each day in Tanzania, for timber, to clear space for agriculture or grazing livestock and for the production of charcoal. One hundred million tonnes of charcoal are produced annually in Tanzania, resulting in nine million tonnes of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere.”

Jumaa, charcoal retailer, Tabata

i liked dar – a sweaty, hot coastal city on the indian ocean, a huge muslim influence due to the slave-trade and product trade – the muezzin, the call to prayer came back to my ears – it was comforting. the noise and business helped me move forward.

outer dar, family

this family lived among the tallest palm trees i have ever seen. the women, not pictured, said the area was turning to a desert because of all the deforestation due to charocal production – but people have to live, and charcoal is another income. – alternatives needed.. government corruption? tradition? routine? corruption..

family, outer dar

recently circumcised, and very silent, boys


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