backlog #2: dar to the masaai via a flooded road

well. after dar i travelled quickly to nairobi to meet up with some friends to go to the masaai mara. to finally see some, animals, lions, leopards and the like – and squeal with glee and childish happiness at seeing these animals in africa in the wild where they choose to live and sleep. although it is very voyueristic , i enjoyed it nevertheless.

the road to the border was completely flooded, no one could cross – until a few bigheaded 4wd’ers decided to attempt – they succeeded, then i left my local bus and jumped in a pink 4wd, we crossed, later down the long dirt road my local bus passed us – i rejoined it at the border to much laughter of the continue to nairobi.

so the masaai was amazing, strange and surreal to spend hours on treeless flats looking for something trying to kill or hunt something – but very exciting, and driven by a friend who had lived there for three years, allowed us free drinks and tip-offs to where the wild things are.

not too much writing these days, just transiting, interviewing, looking, seeing thinking, being, thinking about writing, but not much happened.

more photos from the past 5 months here:


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