re-visiting gaza

children's centre

children's centre

and so ; after being escorted all the way to the border from cairo to rafah by egyptian police – after losing two of our egyptian compadres due to the egyptian role in the siege of gaza, many cups of arabic coffee, and too much inside tribulations we have made it in to gaza – 66 of us on a delegation organised by codepink to bring aid, children’s toys, books, and three playgrounds – to show continued soldarity with the people of gaza and to move forward in ending the siege on gaza and opening the borders..
– and again it is not something easy to write about day by day – full of visiting devastated sites, meeting different organisations, hearing harrowing stories, visiting children’s centres, watching dabka performances, eating local food, laughing, crying, not sleeping much…
i am spending much of my time thinking about my role here – my purpose here – other than the obvious support, solidarity, documentation and so on – which stories of the 1.5 million do i write down, which faces of the 1.5million do i photograph? which homes, lives, re-tellings, futures, hopes, resilience, joys, sadnesses, weddings, football teams..fishermen, farmers, women artists, craftspeople, engineers, homeless people, refugees, displaced peoples..

for now its just this – until i figure out how to write about it in the ‘right’ way – until it’s processed again a little bit – until… later.





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