a present memory

Children draw the war, Jabaliya, Gaza

Children draw the war, Jabaliya, Gaza

it has not yet passed through me – it is still weaving its way through my veins, through my pumping blood, through the memory through the present through the faces, words, voices, language and lives; i am unable so far to process much from gaza; the 9 days that felt like a year – the remaining privilege of leaving…
a present memory of
the day of standing in a field and weeping to be hugged by another weeping being for different reasons
the day of visiting the a-samuni family and being unable to fathom the words translated to me in exasperation
and of being led through the destroyed homes by a 9 yr old boy who re-enacted the IDF soldiers coming through their homes
the day of jumping boats on the ocean to interview palestinian fishermen and to be fed by them and climb the mast to look at gaza on the horizon and the israeli boats on the other horizon
the day of walking in a memory
of walking in a thousand memories
of their homes and lives spread out like a jigsaw puzzle
of being unable to find a language outside of language to express the reaction, the feelings, the gut churning clenching boiling language of sadness
and also of resilience and hope and strength and kindness like no other i have seen before

and so, it will take a little while to get it all up here, but it will happen over the coming days, weeks, months, so bear with me, bear witness with me.


Abdallah a-Samuni, a-Zeitun neighborhood, Gaza

Abdallah a-Samuni, a-Zeitun neighborhood, Gaza


One thought on “a present memory

  1. hi lovely,
    thank you for documenting all of this. It makes it all so very real when the media we receive is so selective or momentary. Your stories & photos are both beautiful and shocking. I’ll be watching. Stay safe and keep clicking.
    much love,

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