“One does not build an election campaign over the dead bodies of children!”


1. Some 10,000 protesters showed up in the streets of Tel Aviv last night, a really powerful demonstration against this war.

2. Just to make Abundantly clear; people protesting against the war include people from all over Israel/Palestine! (and the world!) They are Israeli’s, Jews, Muslims, Arabs, Christians, Women, Men, Children, Dogs, Cats, Cows, Sheep; do not waste your breath with anti-semitic statements as you are completely missing the point!
The point is there are thousands of people within Israel that DO NOT SUPPORT THE WAR or the government- and that they are all standing TOGETHER to let this be heard – that just because they’re Israeli or Jewish does not make them pro-war!








2. He fell passionately on his land, smelling the soil,
kissing the trees and grasping the precious pebbles.
Like an infant, he pressed cheek and mouth to the soil
shedding there the pain he had borne for years.
He listened to her heart whispering tender reproof:
You have come back?
I have, here is my hand.
Here I will remain, here I will die, so prepare my grave.

Nida’ al-Ard (The Call of the Land) by Fadwa Tuqan





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